Friday, March 26, 2010


Well for starters, this is an actual picture of the dish I just made for a party tomorrow...YES I took this picture at my kitchen counter....if you didn't know, all the other pictures so far have been found elsewhere on the internet, but of course they always look a lot like my finished product....Rachel are you proud of me????

I am serving this to my family at a party tomorrow. Now most people would think of an antipasto platter as a platter with slices of meats and cheeses and maybe some olives, peppers, etc. While I do like this serving style too, I like my guests to be able to take a scoop of this antipasto, get all the great flavors in one bite with no need for silverware. I serve it with hot crostini so it becomes more like an unbelievably good antipasto bruschetta. The fact that it is also a "make it the day before" appetizer makes me have more time greeting and enjoying my guests when they arrive.

I don't like much heat in my food so if you like heat just add some pepperocinis, or hot giardiniera which is found near the roasted red peppers and italian artichokes in your market.


10 oz jar roasted red peppers chopped, reserve juice

12 oz jar marinated artichokes chopped, reserve juice

6 oz jar pitted kalamata olives chopped reserve juice

10 oz sopressata (salami) diced very small

10 oz genoa salami diced very small

12 oz smoked mozzarella diced very small
12 oz provolone diced very small
10 oz mild (or hot) giardiniera, reserve juice

This serves about 12-15 people as an appetizer, so vary the ingredients for your guest size. In a large bowl combine salamis and cheeses. Add red peppers, artichokes, kalamata olives and giardiniera. Combine all the reserved juices form the red peppers, artichokes, giadiniera and olives and stir. Add about 1/2 cup to the bowl. Stir and taste. Keep adding more juice until your desired flavor. You may want to add some additional olive oil, red wine vinegar or just more juices from the jars of the peppers, artichokes and olives. I find that the juices I reserve seem to be enough to compliment the other ingredients.
I usually plate this in a bowl with a nice red leaf or romaine on the bottom and just pile this on top so that some of the lettuce leaves surround the outside of the bowl, or you can simply serve it like the picture above. A true crowd pleaser and easy to eat while standing at a cocktail party.


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