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Tips making Jello Shots Margarita

All this is very simple. Suffice to do was change the same old same old in Margarita Jello shots . its Work. But as Margarita Jello shot was my question. He knew that people as a mechanic. Even better than his word. So yeah. We decided to make the day wonderful. We had the ladies on our side and when they saw the men get all giggly and uninhibited in the day, went in as well.

So ha. Want to know how to make Margarita Jello shots and keep the promise of fun tomorrow, sometime in the near future for you? Let's go for you. Let me show you how. The following sections are the recipes for the following proposal.

Make Jello Shots Margarita

Have you seen drinking margaritas right? You are more likely to admit it because the glass and salt patent covering the ring. The drink has a good chance, you know? While it is usually made of tequila, orange liqueur and lemon, there are many other flavors can easily be used also to give it that extra touch. And when you make Jello shots? More fun. Jello shots alone hold the potential to be all about fun. You may not be all prim and proper while swallowing Jello shots is also a fact. So when you combine the two? Deadly combination. More about, unless you speak. Thus Margarita Jello shots.

Margarita Jello Shots (with tequila)
Things you need

* Cold water (1 cup)
* Lime juice (fresh squeezed, 1 / 8 cup)
* Tequila (3 / 4 cup)
* Jello Gelatin (Lime flavor, 6 oz)
* Triple sec (1 / 4 cup)
* Boil water (2 cups)

How to Prepare

First Stir in boiling water and lime gelatin and stir until dissolved.
Second To this mixture, add lemon juice, tequila, triple sec and cold water. Mix and stir.
Third Pour this mixture into molds and special Jello to keep in the freezer.
4th Together for five hours or more.
5th Then remove the bottom.

Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots (fee)
Things you need

* Cold water (1 / 4 cup)
* Lime juice (fresh squeezed, 1 / 8 cup)
* Tequila (4 oz)
* Jello gelatin (strawberry flavor, 6 oz)
* Cointreau (2 oz)
* Boil the water (1 cup)

How to Prepare

First Stir in boiling water and strawberry gelatin and stir until dissolved.
Second Located about 1 / 4 cup cold water side.
Third Mix tequila and Cointreau in a cocktail shaker shake, which was filled with ice.
4th Add cold water and stir. Then mix with hot water and strawberry Jello mix.
5th Use fresh strawberries largest size so that they can double as a cup.
6th Cut the strawberries in the base so that they can be alone.
7th Scoop the seeds and pulp to make the holes. Be sure to make a hole through it.
8th Clean the sink, then pour the mixture into them and put them in the freezer and freeze for 5 hours or more.
9th Jello when they are ready, wet the edge of the cutter. Then wet your fingers, crushed salt and cover the edge of the strawberry.
10th You can add a little lime wedges for this cup of strawberries for garnish and serve strawberry Margarita Jello final.


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