Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I know it isn't Friday, but I am on vacation and

cocktails are on the brain!!!!
Here is yet another from Boston!!!
Woodward at Ames
One Court Street, Boston
1-1/2 oz Don Julio tequila
1 oz agave nectar
1/2 oz lime juice
a slivered slice of a jalapeno pepper
2 fresh cranberries
Muddle the cranberries in the bottom of a shaker and add to shaker all ingredients with ice except pepper and serve with pepper garnish!!! Of course the bartender will kick it up a notch if this isn't hot enough.
Bartender "English Bull" Codman says "I love hot stuff. I always have a bottle of Sriacha and Franks Red hots in the frig....the fresh muddled cranberries are acidic, the agave nectar sweet and jalapeno hot!"
BOTTOM LINE: It's all about balance here. The cleverly named drink is a bit on the back of the tongue but doesn't burn on the way down.
MY BOTTOM LINE: I have a lot of friends who like hot stuff and would love this!!! I would choose one of their other drinks the Polished Passion drink ($14), passion fruit juice, cinnamon, honey and chili flakes.
Tropical and savory!


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