Saturday, June 5, 2010


When Dave was a youngster, his Mom always made homemade pizza on Friday night, as a good Catholic no meat, so on Saturdays she made hot dogs, beans and BROWN BREAD....which Dave loved
The hot dogs were whole beef, the beans were Boston baked and the BREAD was B & M out of a can......Dave thought this was awesome.
Shopping for the ingredients is quick and dogs, B & M Boston Baked beans, and really the B & M Brown bread comes in a CAN like soup..So as a test Dave recreated this meal in Maine for many West Coasters..and you Steve...remember???
Crazlie popped the bread out of the can and then heated the bread in the oven...for at least 30 minutes 350 degrees.
I thought it would be horrible.... and the jury is still out........ but Dave misses his Mom for all those "creative" meals and has a wonderful memory from his LOVE IT
You decide?????


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