Tuesday, November 30, 2010


A few weeks ago, we had dinner with good friends at Etta's restaurant in Seattle. Head chef, Tom Douglas and his staff prepared a wonderful feast....it was amazing.
Born in Cleveland, raised in Newark and Delaware, Tom found himself broke in Seattle at age 19, and never left. Thank goodness. Never formally trained except by his two granmothers and his mother, he loved to cook - often making breakfast in bed for his parents-he took Home Economics in school.
He wrote a cookbook in Seattle called, " Tom Douglas' Seattle Kitchen". He realized by listening to his fans that they were choosing a single recipe from the book and then trying to figure out the rest of the menu themselves for bigger crowds. So to help everyone out, he put together the book above, "Tom Douglas' Big Dinners".
It is fabulous! There are 13 different menus with additions of cocktails that set the appropriate mood. He also suggests assortments of appetizers for cocktail parties. He adds tips for do-ahead dishes and shortcuts. There is an introduction to each menu that helps with the setting of your event. The full-color photos are tremendous and beautiful. A must have for the people in your life that cook for lots of family and friends!
Great Christmas Gift!


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